Cannabidiol (CBD) oil can do a lot for overall health, and that’s a research-supported fact. Enthusiasts already know that this miracle of nature can do all sorts of wonders for your skin, as well as overall health. From moisturizing to treating the nastiest of acne and eczema, users worldwide are beginning to understand the amazing skin benefits of CBD oil.

CBD oil contains nourishing ingredients that our skin needs. We humans can often neglect to give our skin what it requires and can’t produce naturally, like fatty acids. What’s more, missing these essential nutrients can affect our health in other ways.


CBD Skin Care Benefits

cbd oil benefits - cbd for skin care

Our skin is both our armor and also a highly significant point of potential weakness. While serving to keep all the lovely gushy parts inside of our bodies, the skin is nonetheless our largest organ and absorbs almost everything it comes in contact with. This isn’t always great, as a lot of the chemicals found in pharmaceuticals are not always natural and have even shown to be harmful to us humans.

What’s worse is that a lot of the companies who claim to be natural or organic are really just making use of technicalities to bypass regulation. For those of us who hold natural products in high regard, this is absolutely unacceptable.

CBD oil, by comparison, is an all natural ingredient and this can be verified through any company’s willingness to take part in third party lab testing. Making use of natural CBD oils that have real benefits for a variety of skin conditions, you can feel secure in its use and effectiveness.

The star ingredient of cannabidiol is particularly effective against anxiety, inflammation, and the horrible pains that come along with each. For this reason, many people use CBD oil products, both, internally and topically. This really gives your skin a powerful punch from within as well as externally. Taking internally can also help with the other issues mentioned. Of course you should always talk with your doctor before starting any kind of supplemental regimen, especially if you suffer with any kind of chronic or acute disorder.

For those with a strict beauty regimen to follow, you will find that hemp oil works wonders to improve your skin health, helping to slow the aging process naturally and moisturize every time you apply it to your skin. Women all over the world are adding CBD oil to their daily skin care routine, noting amazing results. And the best part is that this is a totally natural way to combat skin issues without using all of the potentially harmful ingredients that most of us can’t even pronounce.

Beauty Benefits of CBD Oil

The best part about CBD oil is that when used on a regular basis, there can be noticeable effects on your body. Whether you apply as a total body moisturizer, to specific targeted areas, or even to hair, you can reap the following benefits:

  • Lips: Lips are part of the skin. That’s a simple fact. So, when CBD oil is applied to them, you can expect them to benefit in the same way. By utilizing the oil in a balm for your lips, you can strengthen them with a hefty dose of vitamin D. Cool fact, by the way, CBD/hemp oil is one of the only plant oils that carries such a high amount of vitamin D, so there are few natural substitutes for it in this regard.
  • Hands: Using CBD oil in a hand cream can be a massive boost to your skin’s defense against environmental forces, pollutants, and even free radicals. Using a small amount can help to protect against dryness due to severely cold or arid climates. Many even use it as a natural anti-fungal cream to fight skin conditions with a fungal cause…so, these hand benefits can certainly cross over to feet benefits, too!
  • Body: In addition to being an all-around excellent skin care product, CBD oil is a natural anti-inflammatory. Its usage can extend to achy joints, headaches (a headache is when your meninges are swollen), and even easing various pains in the place of brand name painkillers. The walloping dose of various vitamins and fatty acids also help to reduce the presence of varicose veins and other skin problems, making you look and feel younger and healthier. For these reasons, many choose to double up CBD use, both, internally and topically.
  • Face: If you are like most of the population and have any sort of skin issues of the face like uneven skin tone, wrinkles, acne, or a plethora of other issues, then you should really try switching to a product containing CBD oil. It is well known to help with all of these issues, and users almost always brag on their satisfaction in regards to all of these skin issues. With its comedogenic rating of zero, this oil can also be used in creams and even in cleansers.
  • Hair:  CBD oil works great as a conditioner. Due to a variety of nutrients and vitamins found in cannabidiol oil, it makes your hair feel hydrated and lush, acting to prevent split ends, breakage, damage, and strengthening hair health all around. Oh, and as another plus, this oil can help prevent the terrifying prospect of hair loss in women by helping to prevent iron deficiency. Why isn’t every woman (and man) using CBD oil already?!


CBD for Skin Care in Conclusion

CBD oil is amazing stuff; it has a vast amount of vitamins contained within the oil itself, has fatty acids your body desperately needs, and is easy and natural to use in a variety of applications. With so many incredible benefits, why not give it a try today? Visit New Labs CBD to check out the high quality, third party lab tested CBD oil skin care products, tinctures, and even pain rub!

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