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Does CBD Oil Get You High – Answers to Some of Your Questions About CBD Oil

Does CBD Oil Get You High – Answers to Some of Your Questions About CBD Oil

Many people are talking about the amazing health benefits of CBD oil these days. You may have heard a friend asking or even wondered yourself if CBD oil makes you feel high? Because CBD oil comes from the cannabis sativa plant, most individuals assume that it also contains the properties that make you feel high or stoned. But contrary to what many believe, CBD oil will not get you “high,” per say. However, just because it doesn’t make you feel the stoned doesn’t mean that CBD oil has no physiological effects. Although it doesn’t have any psychotropic effects, people who use CBD oil have reported achieving an overall sense of wellbeing, relaxation and reducing pain caused by inflammation.

Most of us are now excited to learn that the cannabinoid Cannabidiol (or CBD for short) can boost your mood without making you feel stoned. However, if CBD doesn’t get you high, which compound in cannabis does? The answer is Tetrahydrocannabinol, also known as THC, is the one that has psychotropic effects and gives you that “stoned” feeling. THC is the dominant molecule in the cannabis plant. Like CBD, THC is also a cannabinoid. Scientists explain that most recreational peoples oc california marijunana strains, contain very high levels of THC and very little CBD. This is because CBD counteracts the psychotropic effects of THC.

So, why doesn’t CBD get you high?

Well, it can be difficult for most of us to fathom the idea of having two very similar molecules with each bringing about very different effects in the body. To give you a whole picture of how these molecules work, allow me to explain a bit of the science behind it. The difference in the effects that these two molecules have on the body is because of how each of them reacts with the endocannabinoid system. If you have never heard of the term, endocannabinoid don’t be hard on yourself. In fact, even some doctors do not know about the existence of ECS yet. However, it has been found by recent research to be an important biological system which is comprised of complex CB1 and CB2 receptors as well as cannabis-like chemicals. Researchers believe that the sole purpose of the ECS system is to create a balance between the mind and body. They believe that it does so by being actively involved in important bodily functions such as memory, appetite, sleep, pain, and even reproduction.

does cbd oil get you high

THC is one of the molecules that fit the CB1 receptors found in the central nervous system and the brain. This creates the high effect altering the way both your memory and appetite hormones work. So, how does the CBD molecule affect our brains? This is where things become interesting. According to scientists, the CBD does not activate the endocannabinoids directly. Instead, it stimulates other body receptors that are related to pain, inflammation, and mood. While conducting the preclinical trials, researchers also found that CBD is a potent antioxidant and neuroprotectant.

So, interestingly, not only does CBD not get you high, it counteracts the stoned feeling caused by the psychotropic effects of THC. This makes it a perfect choice for individuals who want the medicinal benefits that cannabinoids offer without the ‘high’ feeling that comes from THC. In fact, there is some medical cannabis that has a THC to CBD ratio of 1:1 which gives patients the therapeutic benefits from both strains without making them uncomfortably high.

Where does CBD come from, Marijuana or Hemp?

Another common confusion that arises when it comes to use of CBD is its source. We have various misconceptions with some people stating that the CBD from either hemp or marijuana is better. Let us make this clear, there is no better variety. Marijuana and hemp are just different names that refer same cannabis sativa plant. The only difference between the two is that hemp is grown for industrial use with most of the THC removed. According to medical research, marijuana has higher levels of THC while hemp has more of CBD and less than 0.3 percent of THC. Traditionally, the industrially grown cannabis sativa or hemp was used for making paper, rope, clothing, and even one of Ford’s cars. However, today hemp is commonly used in fashion and the main source of the CBD oil products. This means if you have been using or thinking to use any CBD from industrial hemp, there is no chance of you getting stoned.

What effects does CBD hemp oil have?

Being one of the latest inventions in the field of medicine, we have various studies being done on CBD to determine its therapeutic effects. Although studies are generally done on laboratory animals rather than on humans, the results look promising. For example, there have been various studies that have found CBD to possess strong anti-inflammatory properties. These results suggest, CBD products can be used in treating the numerous illnesses that are caused by inflammation. We also have other studies that indicated that CBD is a strong antioxidant making it an interesting product to study when it comes to treating metabolic and neurodegenerative illnesses. In addition, there are other studies that have shown good results when it comes to reducing seizure in patients suffering from epilepsy. Since CBD is not psychotropic, it can even be used in children suffering from seizure related illnesses.

Primary areas of CBD research

As mentioned previously, the CBD has gained a lot of popularity in the recent years. Various medical research institutions have also gained interest in studying its properties. Below are some of the primary areas of research where scientists are actively involved to show the CBD effectiveness.

  • Epilepsy – there are currently clinical trials being done on the CBD pharmaceutical version on children who suffer from rare forms of epilepsy. These studies have shown very promising results.
  • Anxiety  while this is one of the few instances where the trials have been used on humans, CBD showed very positive results in treating social anxiety disorder.
  • Acne – because of its antioxidant properties, the CBD is being studied as a natural remedy for treating various skin conditions such as acne. You shouldn’t be surprised to see it in skin care products soon.
  • Chronic pain – with so many illnesses causing chronic pain as their main symptom, researchers spend a lot of time looking for effective pain relievers that can also help the patient relax. Some of the illnesses that have chronic pain as the main symptom include inflammatory bowel, arthritis migraines, and fibromyalgia among others. There have been several studies concluding that CBD can be used in relieving inflammation associated pain.
  • Cancer – because of its antioxidant properties, the CBD is being investigated to see whether it can help in preventing the spreading of the cancerous cells.
  • Addiction – although most of the people think of cannabis as a drug, it is interesting to note that it can also help stop the addition of drugs. Although it is still in the preliminary stages, there are various studies being conducted that show CBD can help drug addicts recover.
  • Brain health


Lastly, there is yet more research being done to show the effectiveness of the neuroprotective properties of CBD in treating brain illnesses such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer.

What are the different forms of CBD hemp oil?


There are various forms of CBD oil products to use. These include liquids, sprays, ointments, as well as capsules. The one you choose will depend on what you’re using it for and your personal preference. The liquid and spray forms are normally utilized by putting them under your tongue. If you do not like the taste of the oil, you can take it as an ointment or capsules. As ointments, you will apply them on your skin while the capsules are ingested.


If you are one of the people who were thinking about using CBD oil but were worried that it will get you high, hopefully you are relieved. As you can see from what the research shows, you can get many health benefits without getting uncomfortably high by using CBD products. It is also good to know, although it doesn’t make you “stoned”, CBD can make you happy by improving your mood. If you still want to get more information about CBD oil and the various CBD oil products available to you, do not hesitate to check out our online store at New Labs.








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