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Everything You Need To Know About CBD Hemp Oil

If you’ve been paying attention, you’ve surely noticed that people are giving much more consideration to what they are putting in their bodies, particularly when it comes to dietary supplements. All natural products top this list with cannabidiol (CBD) being a particular product of interest. Popularly known as CBD hemp oil, CBD from hemp has a wide range of benefits and is quickly becoming a popular supplement. It is important to note that while most people assume that hemp is the same thing as cannabis, they are completely different plants.

About Hemp

Hemp is believed to be one of the earliest cultivated crops and has been used for over 10,000 years. In the early 1950s, hemp was considered to have the same psychoactive properties as marijuana. It was added to the list of dangerous substances and banned in the US.

Research, however, found out that hemp does not have the same psychoactive properties as marijuana. In actual fact, it is mainly grown for industrial purposes. Hemp is well known for its derived fiber that is refined to make textiles, paint, food, animal food, biodegradable plastics, and insulation.

Hemp oil has a wide range of benefits and is widely considered to be one of the healthiest oils around. At volume level 81%, it contains all the essential fatty acids according to the North American Industrial Hemp Council. It also contains essential amino acids and has one particular amino acid that is only found in a mother’s breast milk, GHA.

Why CBD Oil From Hemp?

People on the hunt for the ideal supplement to calm their senses are more and more frequently turning to hemp oil. Hemp contains high amounts of CBD, which, apart from enhancing calmness can also promote restful sleep. CBD hemp oil has a wide range of benefits which explains why more and more people are using this product. Keep up with the blog here on the New Labs CBD website to stay up to date and learn all there is to know about CBD oil from hemp!

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Important Facts About CBD Hemp Oil

  1. It has low levels of THC: What is THC and what is its importance? THC is scientifically known as tetrahydrocannabinol and is the primary psychoactive component in cannabis. This is why one of the concerns of people using CBD from hemp is the notion that hemp is just like cannabis, but this is not true. The levels of THC in hemp are far too small to cause any effect as compared to those found in cannabis. And many of the best CBD hemp oils have no THC at all. For instance, the average medical cannabis plant flowers have THC concentration levels of 14 – 18 %, however the THC concentration levels in the hemp plant are between 0-1%. It is so safe that more and more doctors are approving the use of this dietary supplement, even for children (but talk to your doctor before giving your child CBD oil).
  2. CBD hemp oil is legal: In all the 50 states in the U.S., CBD oil products from hemp are legal. CBD oil extracted from hemp is advantageous as it has no mind altering characteristics like cannabis but has soothing properties similar to cannabis (though there are some differences). This means that if you are in a state where cannabis is illegal, you can still enjoy the soothing properties of CBD from hemp.
  3. You won’t get high from CBD hemp oil: We can’t hound this point enough: due to the extremely low levels of THC content in hemp, you cannot get high or psychoactive effect from using it. It should be noted, however, that in some rare cases, individuals can have some undesired side effects. For this reason, it is usually recommended to start with a smaller than recommended dose. Slowly work your way up to a full dose from there, stopping and/or decreasing as needed if you experience any unwanted side effects. And, as with any dietary supplement, have a chat with your doctor before starting use. He or she will be able to help guide you regarding dose and assess any undesired side effects you may be having. This is rare, though. Most users report zero unwanted side effects.


CBD vs THC: Understanding the Difference Between Hemp and Cannabis

Hemp and cannabis are different, although they belong to the same category of plants. Cannabis plants are short (5-6 ft.), bushy and are grown for their THC content. On the other hand, hemp plants can reach up to 20 ft. Additionally, the hemp plant has more CBD than the cannabis plant. This is one factor that makes it so ideal in the production of high quality CBD oil products. The hemp plants as well as its derived products are legal while cannabis is illegal in most countries.

Why Use CBD from Hemp?

The hemp plant has over 500 chemical compounds that occur naturally within it. CBD is one of these components and has shown to be effective in calming the senses and promoting the well-being of those who supplement their diet with it. Recent studies have shown that CBD from hemp even counteracts the psychoactive effects of THC. This can be great for those who use medical marijuana in treatment but struggle with the intense “high” of some strains.

If you haven’t tried CBD hemp oil yet, what are you waiting for? This supplement is gaining huge popularity for being totally natural and still yielding amazing benefits. Hop on over to check out our amazing CBD hemp oil products, ranging from oil tinctures to pain rubs and even anti-aging creams! Take the steps towards living a more natural lifestyle. And as always, make sure you talk to your doctor about an supplements that you are considering adding to your dietary intake.

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