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Magic in CBD Hemp Oil for Cats

Animals have their share of health problems, just like people. Unfortunately, something that makes animals different (besides the obvious fur, four legs, etc.) is that when they are sick, many pet owners are at a loss of how to help or cannot afford the expensive medications and procedures, and those pets end up being put to sleep. But with the magic of cannabis oil, many pets are finding relief from their health conditions and even recovering fully! 

Take, for example, the following story of a cat with cancer in its paw. Ginge the cat’s condition was so devastating, even veterinary interventions did not help. Not until the cat’s owner, Jacek Matusiak, took matters into his hands and used cannabis oil did the cat’s health improve. 

Matusiak explained that his pet suffered weight loss, two strokes, and an enlarged liver. The vet administered steroids and antibiotics, but the tumor continued growing on the front paw pad.  

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Seeing that the drugs were not helping, Matusiak began adding cannabis oil on his cat’s food. It was after he heard of a cancer patient who used the oil to cure the disease. Cannabis seems to be effective because Ginge’s condition got better. Matusiak would add five drops of cannabis oil on Ginge’s food each day. After 48 hours, the size of the had tumor reduced, the cat began gaining weight, and could soon walk comfortably. Ginge became responsive, like he was before the cancer. 

Based on this case, it is worth trying cannabis oil if your cat has the same problem. Cannabis oil could be the solution you are looking for that will save your lovely friend a lot of pain and discomfort.  

Do not worry about the oil getting your cat getting high. Unlike typical marijuana that’s so commonly thought of, the supplement called CBD doesn’t have the same kind of psychoactive effect. 

Marijuana usually makes people high because it contains THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). However, CBD oil has very little, if any, THC and it is safe for your pet.  

Distinguishing CBD and THC  

Both CBD and THC are derivatives of the Cannabis sativa plant. THC is a psychotropic, meaning it manipulates the brain making users feel ‘high’ after use. That effect can vary greatly from person to person. For some it makes them feel relaxed, enlightened, or euphoric. For others, it can increase anxiety and paranoia. The effects really just depend on the person and the setting.  

CBD, on the other hand, does not do that to the brain. CBD can still induce feelings of calm and relaxation, but doesn’t affect the nervous system or the brain. It can help lower inflammation and anxiety.  

Research on CBD  

When the vet could not help Jacek’s cat, he had to find some other way to manage the cancer. He decided to conduct his research. It is when he stumbled on a story about a cancer patient who had used cannabis oil and improved a great deal.  

He found out that research on CBD use has been going on for 30 years. If it worked for his pet, then it may treat human conditions such as arthritis. Studies show that CBD can help with depression, migraines, and acne.  

Legality of Cannabis Oil 

CBD was legalized in the UK in 2016, but the government changed its mind two years later. It proved having positive effects on human beings. Nonetheless, it is still used only after obtaining a license to sell.  Cannabis oil containing THC has never been legal in the UK, because of its mind-altering, psychoactive nature.  

Forms of Cannabidiol  

People use CBD in the form of oil in some food supplements. It is the easiest way sellers avoid license processing. Reports show it eases anxiety and back pain, for example. Some users spray CBD oil below the tongue.    

Does CBD Oil Have Any Side Effects? 

Products and supplements related to human health are usually under serious scrutiny. One of the questions people ask is whether cannabis oil has any side effects. Well, there have been no cases of any effects. In fact, the oil does a great job of making your body secrete feel-good hormones such as serotonin and dopamine. That is why it is effective at reducing pain and anxiety.  

If you have a cat with a growth that does not seem to go away and the vet’s treatments are not helping, consider buying cannabis oil. You never know, it might be the breakthrough your cat needs to feel better.

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