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Need to Know Basics of Hemp Oil

Hemp is an industrial strain of cannabis that also produces cannabidiol, otherwise known as CBD. Hemp oil is a product of the hemp plant, extracted from seeds and stalks of the plant.  

In the past, hemp oil was a rare product, but today it is more readily available in different forms including infusions, capsules, and drops. Besides, you can find some brands such as lotions, syrups, and teas claiming to contain CBD oil. 

Two components of hemp oil are cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). THC is probably more well-known than CBD and that’s because it’s the psychoactive compound in marijuana that makes the user feel “high.” But in CBD products, the amount of THC is very low, at less than 0.3%, and doesn’t give you that high feeling associated with THC. Even without the psychoactive characteristic, CBD products can still have the same positive, medicinal effects. 

Cannabidiol is one of the natural chemicals found in the cannabis plant. It interacts with the cannabinoid receptors in the human body causing a positive effect. You can be sure it will yield results. Cannabidiol oil is found in diverse varieties of the cannabis plant, the only difference being the chemical composition.  

There have reports about CBD oil treating anxiety, chronic pain, migraines, and depression.

Misconceptions about Hemp Oil 

Due to CBD’s association with marijuana and THC, it’s often misunderstood and underappreciated. Here is a brief list of some of the things that people get wrong about CBD hemp oil. 

a) Hemp oil makes you high

The CBD oil is not mind-altering. The psychoactive THC component in cannabis that causes a “high” sensation—which differs for everyone but can include increased focus and concentration, intensify sensations, improved insight, paranoia, and altered perception of reality—is too low to create that sensation. 

b) You need a prescription to use hemp

Unlike medicinal marijuana, cannabidiol products from hemp do not require a prescription for purchase. These products can be purchased online or in a shop. 

c) Cannabidiol is marijuana

As explained earlier, CBD and marijuana are not synonyms. Marijuana makes you high; CBD does not because of its minimal THC levels. 


d) Children should never use hemp oil

Hemp is safe and anyone can use it, but a doctor should be consulted before a child is given CBD for internal use. The low THC is what makes it usable for both adults and children. In Missouri, the oil is only legal if it is used to treat epilepsy, a condition some kids suffer from.  

e) Hemp oil is illegal

Hemp oil is not mentioned under the federal Controlled Substances Act in the US. Therefore, you have the permission to use it if the state you live in allows it.

Legality of Hemp Oil in the United States  

Simply put, hemp oil products are legal in 50 states in the US. However, the legality of the substance requires that it is legally sourced and processed. In other words, the CBD has to be from a legal source and must have undergone the correct processing procedures. You do not want to use CBD oil that has been poorly manufactured. It poses health risks and it may not be pure.  

Now, people in America import cannabidiol oil from Europe, for example. Nonetheless, there are places in the US where cannabis plants are grown. Therefore, as long as you obtain hemp oil outside the country or from a place in America legally, you have all the rights to use it in whichever manner you like. Ensure you go for high-quality hemp processed the right way.

Testing of Hemp Oil 

As you make purchases, make sure you are buying hemp oil from a credible business. Such a premise adheres to the set rules of processing. It also conducts third part screening to provide customers pure, quality hemp oil. 

Uses and Benefits of Hemp Oil 

You are free to ingest it in your preferred form. Just ensure you are buying from a provider that sources hemp oil rightfully.  

You can use hemp as a nutritional supplement. It is also usable with pets. The oil can improve certain skin conditions, like helping deal with acne, which is a common skin problem among many people. It is because hemp oil prevents inflammation, no wonder it can reduce or eliminate acne. 

Whether you are taking capsules or infusions, you do not need a prescription to use hemp oil. Considering it has been associated with easing pain and psychological issues such as anxiety, it is worth the try. Make sure you use oil from legal sources, and which has undergone proper processing and testing.

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