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Olivia Newton John Is Using CBD Oil: Cancer Treatment With Cannabidiol

In 1992, many people around the world were saddened when they learned about Olivia Newton John’s breast cancer diagnosis. The Grammy award-winning singer bravely endured treatment and later announced that she was in remission. Unfortunately, in 2017, she informed the public that her breast cancer had relapsed, and this time it had spread to her back.

Earlier on, the singer had not disclosed exactly what remedies she would be taking, but her daughter’s Instagram page has recently shed some light on the matter. According to Chloe Lattanzi, her mother is now using natural therapies in addition to regular breast cancer treatments to fight the illness. One of these natural therapies is CBD oil. Cancer is not known to be cured this way per se, but there is some interesting research going on studying its ability to hinder cancer cell growth. Read on to find out more.

What is Cannabidiol Oil?

Cannabidiol oil is more commonly known as CBD oil. This natural oil is extracted from the cannabis sativa plant. One may wonder how exactly this oil will help Olivia Newton John get better. According to medical marijuana expert Dr. Allan Frankel, cannabinoids, one of which is cannabidiol, are known to inhibit the growth of cancer cells.

CBD oil is becoming a more accepted form of cancer treatment, targeting it at a cellular level. Furthermore, it helps patients cope with the side effects of common chemotherapeutic agents. Since CBD oil contains only trace amounts of THC, users do not have to worry about getting high.

Brief History of CBD Oil

In the recent past, a lot of resources have been directed towards CBD research. This has been prompted by numerous reports claiming that this novel drug may bring about the much-needed relief cancer patients need. It is only very recently that scientists have been extracting cannabidiol from cannabis to utilize without THC. Today, there is more evidence than before to support the role of this natural remedy in cancer treatment. The National Cancer Institute (NCI) has recently confirmed that indeed, CBD does have powerful anticancer properties. Research also shows that the oil may be effective in the treatment of post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety, and depression.


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New Research Findings

The American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) published a research paper stating that CBD can help to treat cancer by stimulating apoptosis of tumor cells. This is an orderly process through which cells are programmed to self-destruct. The cancer cell population is also reduced by the process of autophagy. Through this process, the diseased cells are destroyed and replaced with healthy cells. This not only contributes towards remission but also restores function of the affected organ

The writers of the paper give an introductory statement, describing the burden of breast cancer and its ranking as the second leading cause of death in women with cancer. They emphasize the importance of developing novel agents that will bring about fewer side effects with a reduced potential for resistance.

According to the findings of the research, as documented in the paper, CBD oil significantly minimized the survival of breast cancer cells. This is the case for both estrogen-dependent and estrogen-independent breast cancer. This effect is observed to increase in a dose-dependent fashion. More evidence shows that CBD preferentially targets cancer cells with little effect on normal cells.

As newer information continues to emerge regarding the potency of CBD oil, cancer patients can continue to benefit from its use as an adjunct to conventional therapies. In the future, the effectiveness and a better side effect profile of CBD could cause it to replace many chemotherapeutic agents as the treatment of choice.

Use CBD Cautiously

Since this information is relatively new, medical professionals are exercising caution with CBD use. Much more research needs to be done before the chemical can be formally incorporated into cancer treatment plans and protocols. Just like Olivia Newton John, medical experts currently advise that you only take CBD together with the other treatment prescribed by your oncologist. And of course, always always always talk with your doctor before adding CBD oil or any supplement to your daily dietary intake, especially if you are undergoing treatment for any acute or chronic ailment.

When purchasing CBD oil cancer patients must be keen to avoid buying poor quality products. For CBD oil to be effective, it must have a CBD content of no less than 75%. Be sure to confirm this on the product label prior to making any purchases. Verifying this CBD content through third-party laboratory testing is the only way to be certain that you are getting what the bottle says you are getting. Any reputable CBD oil manufacturer/distributor will engage in third-party lab testing so that customers can verify the potency and quality of the product.

We Wish Her Well

As Olivia continues to undergo treatment for the breast cancer, it is our hope and prayer that she wins this battle. May she and her family stay strong and hopeful that soon enough, all will be well. If you want to keep up with Olivia Newton John and other celebs using CBD oil, keep up with our blog here at NewLabs CBD. Check out our third-party lab tested oils and topical products from pain rubs to anti-aging creams. See if a more natural approach could be the change you need, like it has been for so many others!



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