//What Is CBD Oil & Why Are All My Friends Using It?

What Is CBD Oil & Why Are All My Friends Using It?

Much like many forms of alternative medicine, CBD oil is here to stay, and the only way to find out for yourself is to research and try it out. Various oils have many benefits for humans (and even pets) whether you are using castor, jojoba, black seed, or CBD oil. However, if you’ve been paying attention to all of the hype, you know that CBD oil has many benefits that you might not get from other oils. All that being said, there’s a reason you’re here. So, let’s address the question on many people’s minds…what is CBD oil?

Understanding Cannabis

If you are like most people, the only thing you probably know about cannabis is that it’s a plant that is illegal in most states used to get “high.” However, cannabis comes in various forms like marijuana and hemp. The “family tree” of this plant species contains generations of children and grandchildren. Many people still don’t know that hemp and hemp products are completely legal in all 50 states. This is huge for individuals who want CBD oil but live in a state where marijuana is illegal.

Despite both hemp and marijuana coming from the same plant species, Cannabis sativa, these plants are quite different. Their uniqueness has played a large role in the changing atmosphere of CBD oil, even among non-marijuana smokers. Oils extracted from these plants are believed to cure or manage a number of conditions. But how do you tell which is which? Here is an overview of these related, yet different, oils. Going forward, you can make a better decision when shopping for and buying cannabidiol oil.

Oil Varieties that Originate from Cannabis Sativa

Cannabis is full of compounds known as cannabinoids. However, only these two (CBD and THC) have made enough of an impact to be considered useful in the medical world.

There are three species in the cannabis family, Cannabis sativa, Cannabis indica, and Cannabis ruderalis. The hemp plant is famous for the production of legal oil that is rich in CBD (cannabidiol), while marijuana produces oil high in THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). Note that you can get CBD oil from marijuana, but due how much THC it contains and how much effort goes into removing all of that THC, hemp is the common source for CBD. 

Oils containing these cannabinoids include:

CBD oil: What is CBD oil? First things first, CBD is short for cannabidiol. This oil is extracted from the cannabis plant and used for a variety of health reasons. It is frequently used interchangeably with hemp oil because of its origin. Though from the same plant, cannabidiol  is extracted from the hemp’s fiber and is free of any psychoactive effects. This is because it does not contain any THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). THC is the sole compound found in marijuana that is responsible for the “high” that users feel.

Hemp oil: This oil comes from a different part of the hemp plant which is its seeds. The extraction process involves cold pressing peeled or unpeeled seeds into oil that is devoid of any cannabinoid, yet is full of high-value fats like omega 3 and 6 that are beneficial to the human body.

THC, Cannabis, & Marijuana Oil: These three are basically one in the same, because they are extracted from the same plant, marijuana, capable of causing a euphoric effect once consumed. THC interacts with the human endocannabinoid system in many different ways than CBD oil. These oils are high in THC content and low in CBD. Many marijuana users still choose to supplement with CBD oil.

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CBD Benefits

The effects of these oils on the endocannabinoid system in your body are far more reaching than many could possibly imagine. By interacting with this system directly, the oils can promote benefits in various areas like mood, sleep, immune response, appetite, and many others.

Below are a number of benefits that users across the globe are taking CBD oil for:

  • Reduction of stress & anxiety
  • Promotion of eye health (particularly in individuals with glaucoma)
  • Elimination of chronic pain
  • Skin protection
  • Prevention of cancer and treatment of the side effects associated with advanced cancer therapies like chemotherapy
  • Regulation of hormones
  • Epilepsy management as well as other conditions that cause seizures
  • Preventing and treating inflammation

The best part is that most CBD oils, especially the hemp-based ones, are readily available and can be bought without a prescription. Medical marijuana, on the other hand, cannot be bought over the counter and can only be legally obtained in states where marijuana has been legalized. There are also a number of states where it has been legalized for recreational use. In these states, users over the age of 18 can obtain marijuana at licensed dispensaries. However, for most of us, CBD oil is the legal and ideal option.

Final Thoughts

Though considered harmless, these oils are not recommended for breastfeeding mothers or for women who are pregnant or are planning to conceive. Use may have an effect on the developing fetus. Even if not pregnant, you should talk with your doctor before starting use of CBD oil (just as you would with any other dietary supplement). It’s also important to know that oil dosages are dependent upon your needs as well as how your body responds (some people will experience mild side effects like drowsiness).

For best results, start with the lowest dose and work your way to higher ones, as this will give you the opportunity to know what works for you and what doesn’t. Many people who experience side effects will simply lower their dose and take alongside a meal. If you’re ready to take the plunge and start using CBD oil, check out our product page for oil tinctures and even topical products that range from a pain run to anti-aging skin care. Now you no longer have the ask the question: what is CBD oil?


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