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Will You Fail a Drug Test While on CBD?

Will You Fail a Drug Test While on CBD? 

You may be using CBD for the health benefits and it might be helping you to cope with certain medical conditions but have you considered whether or not you might fail the drug test because of a CBD supplement?  Quite a number of people are clueless when it comes to this and the underlying facts may even surprise you. You may also be using CBD and you are certain that you cannot fail the drug test because the manufacturer asserts that the CBD supplement you use does not contain THC, but how confident are you of that? 

Before you are employed for many jobs, you are required to undergo drug tests which can include testing for the presence of alcohol, marijuana, and other substances. Drug tests looking for marijuana look to see if you have tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which is the most active substance in marijuana and also one that has psychoactive effects on the body, in your system. If it is found that you have THC in your urine, then you will fail the drug test, and this can have varied impacts. You might not get the job that you had qualified for or you might risk losing your current job.  

The level of THC in CBD varies and depends on a number of factors. Depending on the level of the THC in the CBD, you may or may not fail the drug test. You might be wondering what can make the level of THC higher when the manufacturer asserts that there isn’t any THC in your CBD supplement. Below are some significant things to consider. 

Do You Trust Your Manufacturer? 

Whether you do trust your manufacturer is a significant consideration. There are a lot of manufacturers out there selling CBD supplements. What you have to understand is that CBD contains THC and it can be extremely difficult for THC to be missing in any given CBD supplement. In some cases, you might even have heard people complaining to have failed the drug test only after using isolated CBD. These all depend on whether your manufacturer is honest or not. Many manufacturers out there will lie to you about the amount of THC present in a specific CBD supplement and since there is no apparent way that you will test this, you will just believe them.  

On the other hand, the problem might due to the amount of CBD products you consume. The amount of THC present in the body is always dependent on a number of factors such as how much you consume in a day. The more CBD you consume, the higher the chances of THC building up in your body and consequently, the higher your chances are of failing a drug test.  

How a Drug Test is Conducted 

The United States uses the guidelines set by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMSA) to conduct drug tests. When testing for marijuana, the test determines whether one has THC in the body or not. As mentioned above, CBD supplements may contain small amounts of THC. Even if you have not consumed actual marijuana, the results will only indicate the presence of THC which, according to the guidelines, suggest that you use marijuana.  

In a marijuana test, you would test positive at limit of 50ng/ml of THC. The test may be difficult to pass, especially if the test performed on you has stricter limits for THC. For the positive results, an additional Gas Chromatography testis done. This will only allow a limit of 15ng/ml.   

The Industrial Hemp Farming Act allows for a maximum of 0.3% of THC in any given CBD substance. This can, however, be difficult to determine, especially if you are using supplements. Additionally, in a drug test, the level of THC varies and depends on how much CBD you use. For instance, let’s say you consume about 1500 – 2000mg of CBD per day that is under the maximum legal limit of 0.3%, you will end up consuming up to 6mg of THC per day. This implies that you have chances of testing positive for marijuana during a drug test if the CBD is consumed regularly. Also, if you consume about 0.5mg of THC in a day, you still have about a 0.2 % chance of failing the drug test. 

What You Should Know About Hemp Oil  

You might be considering using CBD oil from industrial Hemp because it is pure and free of THC. Unfortunately, people who use hemp oil have also failed drug tests. CBD isolate is believed to be safe since it is an all-natural product from the hemp plant that is refined to purity. The truth is that CBD isolate does contain a minuscule level of THC and you may, therefore, end up testing positive for marijuana during a drug test.  

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Can You Use CBD and Pass a Drug Test? 

The answer to this question is YOU CAN NEVER TELL and this means that it is a matter of taking chances. You might or might not pass the test. Even the CBD isolate you so much trust, might let you down. Let us consider a hypothetical situation. You use CBD for the health benefits but you do not use marijuana for altering your mind or getting high. You then walk in for an interview in a federal company and are required to take a mandatory drug test.  

You then confidently proceed to take the drug test and fail. You were so sure that since you don’t use marijuana, and that the CBD supplements you use do not have THC in them, or have been manufactured according to the Industrial Hemp Farming Act 2015 and the SAMSHA regulations, that you could not fail the test. At this point, you start wondering what might have gone wrong. 

From the above hypothetical situation, you will not have the opportunity to give excuses. The fact will be that you have failed a drug test and you do not get the job. Drug tests can also be conducted where you currently work, especially if it is a governmental institution.  

In all cases, you are not safe and you, therefore, need to look for an alternative to using CBD or regulate how much CBD you use. The fact remains, you cannot tell whether you will pass the drug test or not.  

Bottom Line 

In summary, it is therefore clear that it can be difficult for you to know whether you will pass the drug test or not if you are using CBD oil. This, therefore, means that you have to consider what you want in advance. If you are about to go for a job interview, or if you are about to be subjected to drug screening, it is best that you stop using CBD supplements and consider resuming use of them after you have passed the drug test. Also, it is crucial to ensure that you only use CBD supplements from recognized companies that you can trust. New Labs CBD follows the highest standards in their sourcing and manufacturing of CBD. Consider checking us out for your CBD needs. 

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